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From Queen´s Park Savannah

1. Turn left inmediately after BP onto Victoria Ave.
2. Drive straight until T junction·
3. Turn left on Tragarete Rd.
4. First right on Phillip St.
5. First left of Fraser St. 2nd Bldg on left

From Wrightson Road

1. Drive through the city heading West on Wrightson Rd.
2. Turn right at Powergen, Colville Ave,
3. 1st light, turn right onto Ariapita Ave.
4. First left on Phillip St.·
5. Third right, Fraser St., 2nd Bldg on left

From Tragarete Road

1. Drive East on Tragarete Rd. past Marios on Cipriani Blvd.
2. Turn right at Agricola Credit Union onto Phillip St., immediately past Laperouse cementery wall.·
3. First left onto Fraser St. 2nd Bldg. left

From Arapita Ave

1. Drive East on Ariapita Ave. along Laperouse cementery wall on left
2. First left immediately after passing Laperouse cemetery wall, Rent A Tool onto Phillip St.
3. Third right, Fraser St., 2nd Bldg. on left